The BRIDE joined Our Private Workshop for Memorable Wedding Perfume

“Scent is the strongest tie to memory”. I love the moment when my memories are triggered by scents. The feelings are remarkably intense and heart warming. Thanks Intime for the brilliant idea introducing personalized wedding perfume service. I believe every bride wants to be unique and Intime definitely makes the dream comes true. Angel is knowledgeable about artisan perfume. I’m amazed how she translated my abstract ideas to a sophisticated, harmonious and unique blend of perfume. Every time I put it on reminds me of my big day – the tremendous love and blessings I experienced with my family, friends and God.”


Ryan Fu

Joined Our Private Workshop for Memorable Couple Perfume

“My wife and I had a wonderful private course with Angel. It was my wife’s birthday and knowing how much of a perfume fan she is, I thought it would be a great occasion for us to both learn about the making of perfume and make our own perfumes as the birthday gift  Angel did not disappoint and really impress us with her knowledge and thoughtfulness. I knew nothing about perfume but even I found it to be highly interesting. We will be sure to recommend this to other friends. Thanks again Angel!”


Judith Ling

The BRIDESMAID joined Our French Perfumery Bridal Shower

“Came here for bridal shower with my girlfriends. Wonderful experience! We all mixed our very own and personal perfume and I absolutely love mine. Learnt a lot about perfume !”



The BRIDE joined Our French Perfumery Bridal Shower

“An unique and wonderful experience of having my bridal shower with Angel! Extremely interesting to indulge in scents and creating our bespoke perfume in the 2 hour workshop! It was an awesome experience – highly recommended to my friends!”


Peggy Chan

Joined Our Private Workshop for Memorable Couple Perfume

“14 Feb 2016: A Great Valentine’s Workshop with my hubby and we have such a special & memorable Valentine’s Day we never had before. It enhances our mutual understanding & relationship. Tks Angel & Intime. We will have our perfume bb  very soon. The best we like is Gardenia smell of our hand made Parfume. We learn & enjoy a lot today. Highly recommend to join this private workshop with your another half.  CHEERS !”


Nessa Chan

The COUPLE Joined Our Private Workshop for Memorable Couple Perfume



有幸與另一半參加Intime 的情侶香水創作坊,香水的3個調子,主調,中調,基調,正好代表了我們的鍾情,相愛,結合。過程中,雙方的不同性格,另一半的大膽衝動,樂觀,我的小心翼翼,好勝,更尤為香水帶來特別的化學作用,我們共同創造出屬於我們自己的味道,屬於我們幸福的味道。



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