Smell powerfully arouses remembrance. Spot the fragrance that will flood back your memories in a single sniff. Getting a whiff of that exceptional perfume on your big day, one that encapsulates your love story, is what Intime loves to offer.  This commemorative perfume formula will be well-preserved for future reordering which allows it to be passed from generation to generation.


Create One-of-a-kind Wedding Perfume for the Couple

Our founder, Angel Cheung, will meet with the couple to take a perfume creation briefing for an in-depth understanding of their background story, their character traits, special requirements for the aroma and preferences, as well as their wedding plan details. Having all-rounded information gathered, the one-of-a-kind wedding perfume fully representing the beloved couple will be created.

In order to make this bespoke perfume more exclusive and solemn, the bottle design and blueprint was taken from the 19th century ancient royal perfume bottle. The names of the couple and the wedding date will be engraved at the bottom of the bottle, which is very commemorative like a collectible.


Private Workshop for Memorable Wedding Perfume

For their big day, the couple will create a unique premium French Eau de Parfum on their own with the assistance of Angel. The final creation will be a blissful blend which is composed of their precious memories with a strong sense of individuality. Certainly, a one-of-a-kind perfume.


Bespoke Perfume as Wedding Favors 

The bespoke perfume can also be a favor for guest to make the wedding become more unique and unforgettable. It comes with a decent velvet bag with a personalized label.

French Perfumery Bridal Shower

Hold a French Perfumery Bridal Shower to let the bride-to-be share her happiness with all the beloved bridesmaids by creating premium French Eau de Parfum together. Share the fun and have a perfume filled with love and blessing.


Perfume Blessing Corner

To spread the sweet blessing to all guests of the wedding banquet, a Perfume Blessing Corner is an innovative idea to let your guests mix custom-made perfumes on the spot.  The perfumes fill with various blessings behind the ingredients.  The set up is flexible to match with the theme of the wedding decoration.


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